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Absolutely, you don’t need to be experienced to start training. We all were beginners at some point. Sessions are customized to your fitness level, experience and goals.

General 1 0n 1 sessions last about an hour.

General training sessions include stretching, warm-up (jump rope or run), shadow boxing, rhythm, pad-work, mitt-work, general conditioning, calisthenics exercises, clinch and knee work, technical sparring depending on student level, cool down, stretching.

Yes, plenty of parking is available in the lot and there is usually parking around the parks we train at if you prefer an outdoor area.

For first session or two, we can provide wrap and gloves or any additional fight gear you need for protection during sessions. But eventually you need to buy wraps and gloves, decide in the future whether you need other protection gear as you get more advanced.

Paid sessions do not expire. You can always come back and train with us. Fightcamp memberships require more commitment however you can freeze your account and continue whenever you feel like doing so.

There is no set time for it. It all depends on your performance, discipline and mental readiness. However the longer you train and get well prepared the more chance you get to have a successful debut.

Yes, bring your furry friend, whether we train at the gym, park, your home or garage.

Champions are made not born

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!

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